The main terminal has a large silo of concrete type shed, flat bottom, and divided into two cells with a total capacity of approximately 46.000 tons and a vertical silo of 1.600 tons. The silo has an aeration system, a weighbridge, hoppers and an elevated belt for receiving grains, a tunnel and a loading belt, two bucket elevators, a flow balance and a shipping band with a loading capacity of 600 tons per hour.

Independent dock for grain shipment.

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  • Conveyor belt 600 tons / hour.

  • 80 ton reception scale.

  • One (1) elevator for unloading trucks.

  • Hopper and receiving tape.

  • Aeration system.

  • Boarding tape and flow capacity 700 tons / hour.

  • One (1) front shovel.

  • One (1) excavator.

  • Reception office and quality analysis laboratory.

Grain Consolidation in Containers

We have developed our own special equipment for the consolidation of grains inside containers that operates at a loading speed of four hour containers.