Logistic Center Puerto Fénix

More than 70.000 square meters of deposits.

High-rise deposits with more than 9 meters of free base.

Built in Customs Primary Zone.


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We offer a comprehensive solution to logistics problems; lack of sufficient space in warehouses or to improve logistics costs for export, import, production or distribution.

In addition to having medium voltage power supply, own generator of 550 KVA, and all basic services.

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  • Deposits just finished.

  • More than 12 meters free for storage.

  • Access gates of large trucks on both sides of the warehouse.

  • Access control.

  • Perimeter security.

  • Fire prevention system.

  • Large maneuverability space.

  • Ample space for vehicle parking.

  • Medium Voltage Electric Power Service.

  • 550 KVA own generator.

  • Potable water supply.

  • Possibility of using it under the Customs Deposit Regime.