The main terminal has a large silo of concrete type shed, flat bottom, and divided into two cells with a total capacity of approximately 46.000 tons and a vertical silo of 1.600 tons. The silo has an aeration system, a weighbridge, hoppers and an elevated belt for receiving grains, a tunnel and a loading belt, two bucket elevators, a flow balance and a shipping band with a loading capacity of 600 tons per hour.

Independent dock for grain shipment.

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6 Kepler Weber vertical silos

- 4 Silos with capacity of 5000 TON.

- 1 Silo with capacity of 3000 TON.

- 1 Silo with a capacity of 1500 TON.

- All with thermometry.

- Each one has its own fans for product aeration.



- One with a capacity of 600 TON /hour.

- Another one with a capacity of 300 TON/hour.


 Receiving capacity

- Conveyors with a capacity of 600 TON/hour.

- We have a reception capacity of 15/16 trucks/hour in grains.

- Approximate reception of 500 /TON/hour in grains.


 Shipping capacity

- One belt with a capacity of 600 Tons/Hour.

- Scale with a capacity of 600 TON/Hour.


 Scale and laboratory

- Land scale with a capacity of 60,000 TON.

- Albok digital weighing system.

- 40m2 of weighbridge and laboratory for a better work together.


 Parking lot and drafting station 

- Space for more than 30 trucks.

- Parking space for 150 trucks.


 Grain consolidation service to containers

- Bulk cargo in 40 and 20 feet containers.

- Loading capacity 28.5 TON in 15 min of whole grains.

- Container loading with Lainer Bags.

- Bagging machine for loading 50 kg bags (with a capacity of 300 bags/hour).


 Human Resources

- We have trained personnel of the best level in this area.


 Customs in our own port

- Primary zone for loaded containers.

- Opening of all documentation for barge clearance.